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Dog: That goddamn lion is about to bust through his cage—now! Hopefully this is some sort of sign we can expect re-releases of those sometime soon. Only a few here some repeated from the previous supplement but worth looking through.

This terrific movie is even more remarkable than the travails it suffered on the road to recognition.

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SF: What do you mean, wrong? He did not tell them that it would be a full one-week booking, instead of the usual single day, and billed as its New York premiere. But a lobotomy should be performed on the man who trained the dog. Hanson and Davison talk about working with the man, his techniques on the set, his personality, and some of the changes Fuller brought to the story Fuller is the one that changed the ending, which differs in the novel. White Dog was shot in forty-four days on a then middling budget of seven million dollars. SF: Yes. No matter from what angle Bruce Surtees photographed her, she was not only lovely to look at but she portrayed the emotionally confused girl with chilling impact—and without a word. By the time Fuller was ready to film it was too late and he had to use the white dogs already trained. Kristy McNichol stars as a young actress who adopts a lost German shepherd, only to discover through a series of horrifying incidents that the dog has been trained to attack black people, and Paul Winfield plays the animal trainer who tries to cure him. The Black Panthers became a catalyst of doom in his story. A true scientist, Winfield knew he never could be percent right. Jekyll might be. Themes[ edit ] White Dog is a "blunt, highly cinematic parable about race relations" that questions whether racism is a curable mental illness or learned behavior, or if it is an untreatable disease. Music is probably the strongest aspect, presenting some wonderful range. SF: I came up with the character of the black anthropologist and a new story line and a different ending, and Paramount went for it.

Later, Julie takes the dog to work with her, and he mauls a black actress on the set. Miller was working on Magnum P. It was his own personal outcry. In an earlier Variety magazine interview, Fuller stated that viewers would "see a dog slowly go insane and then come back to sanity.

Copy Link No movie is ahead of its time, just ahead of cultural gatekeepers.

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Hanson was originally on the project, then taken off, and then back on again, even trying to convince those in charge to let him direct. Audiences were moving on, while Fuller still enjoyed his venerable pulp-didactic mode.

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