The story of greasy lake

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What had once seemed so tempting in its debauchery and corruption has become much clearer to the narrator as something to run from rather than toward as he admits that he is on the verge of crying.

The characters are put into a bizarre situation that borders on historical realism.

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Although Springsteen's song looks at a fun and rebellious evening, the structure of the story can be matched to the lyrics. As the narrator is huddling out in the water, near the bloated dead body of "Al," he breaks down.

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The protagonist and his friends bolt into the murky swamped woods of Greasy Lake away from the incriminating headlights and the scene of the crime. The narrator does not mention the dead body in the lake, or his belief that it is the body of the man who owns the motorcycle parked nearby, while they clean in silence. Travis Thomas is a writer, speaker, thinker, reader, poet, musician, traveler, and ambassador in cross-cultural relations. The two blond men, left behind and seeming spooked by their own destructive actions, get back into their Trans Am and depart as well. These various situations, as well as the characters themselves, tell the reader something more than what is actually happening in the story. It seems the three friends have bitten off more than they can chew in seeking out danger as a cure for their boredom. The narrator chooses to escape by driving straight into the lake where the night just gets weirder. He charges the greasy character and with one swing of the tire iron he knocks him limp.

At the time though, the three men don't know whether he is hurt or dead. After driving through the streets of a town, they end up at Greasy Lake, the worst ecologically conditioned lake.

While that twisting of circumstances is most certainly a good thing, what happens next is not.

The story of greasy lake

The key moment in the story, it can be argued, occurs next. But he doesn't say anything.

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He is committed to following the crowd and being spontaneous, willing to do whatever feels good at the moment with full confidence in his ignorance. The fact that the lake is "greasy" and polluted represents the murkiness of the times and the elusive badness the three young men crave so much. Most likely set in the 60's, these young men of privilege think about rebelling but are unwilling to give up the safety and security of their white, suburban life. Reality A close reading of "Greasy Lake" reveals a struggling group of friends who are unsure about their identify or how they fit in to the changing society. The Bad Character continues to shout curses into the night. Barely able to manage the transmission back into the Drive position, the station wagon heads back into the safer and more predictable and comforting confines of suburbia, carrying three men who have become more experienced in the ways of the world than the three boys who had arrived at Greasy Lake not that long ago. But he doesn't say anything. Perception vs. Copy to Clipboard. He believes as G. Update this section! The narrator of the fictional short story was promoted to "special aid" during the time of a "visit by the Soviet Premier and his uh wife," and makes this a plausible tale, as he supposedly confesses the true account of the love story.

After he begins to reap the consequences of his choices, he starts to contemplate his choice to be bad and nonchalant about life.

It is not the kind of mercy that is desirable as the three move to work out their mixture of aggression and sexuality on the girl.

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