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Times have changed One cannot tackle the whole aspect of feminism in any one single movie at all, and I found the focus to be good enough.

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Update: Saw it again March , I enjoyed it as much as the first two times. At least viewers will leave well-armed to address the problems of There was a little foreshadowing in the movie but one couldn't help but wonder where the movie was going. But the handsome production does engineer the expected emotional surge and should prove a steady draw for women over the holidays, spelling robust business for Sony. Believing it's Bill who is taking a shower, Katherine rips open the shower curtain exposing a stranger inside views of his midsection are obstructed. Warren - Donna Mitchell Dr. Share with your friends or save to Pinterest to read later. The film is shot beautifully with great attention to detail. The other girls' romantic interludes are often entertaining, but have a negligible relationship to the central themes and certainly do nothing to deepen our understanding of them. Under the glassy surface, though, boils discontent and immorality.

Instead, Mona Lisa Smile repeatedly foreshadows blowups that never happen and problems that never arise. Update: Saw it again JuneI enjoyed it as much as the first three times.

And the complete rejection of all things traditional.

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The movie tackling the issue of feminism only touches upon a small part of it all of course. She reminded me of Michelle Pfeiffer in Dangerous Minds Also, she and Bill have sex implied by images and conversation after the fact. Rosie the Riveter had to become Rosie the Housewife. It's nothing new either. Advertisement But, you're wondering, how can I identify with a 30ish teacher and her 20ish female students? But now that there are stereotypes, people will complain about them. All of the actresses look wonderful in their elegant little hats, white gloves, twin-sets, tulle, and pearls. It is an intelligent historical drama that tells a familiar story in a new and inspiring way. It could have focused a bit more on the other characters in the movie Sign in to vote. If it were not for the stereotypes, people would be wondering what the point really was. But what overcame this, from my point of view, was that you just felt that you wanted to get to know the characters in the movie more. You can't go wrong with the cast here. At least viewers will leave well-armed to address the problems of

But there is no real insight or spirit in the movie and its dumbed-down portrayal of the post-WWII, pre-Betty Friedan era is particularly disappointing, limited to images of conformity like girls rowing crew and practicing synchronized swimming and a poster explaining the ladylike way to cross one's legs and references to the wish to return to the "normal" days before the war.

Marcia Gay Harden works the tragicomic potential of Nancy, a vulnerable spinster teacher who clings to the school's traditions in an attempt to bury her sorrow.

Moreover, the film sometimes speaks volumes by what it doesn't say but simply shows, taking for granted that we will fill in the blanks from our knowledge of the history of the period that is, the early s.

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Maggie Gyllenhaal is delightful as Giselle, in theory The Slut but in practice the most engaging character this film has to offer. One student does get married but of course her husband cheats on her within the first three weeks. You've seen the trailers

Film review mona lisa smile

Warren - Donna Mitchell Dr. Dead Poets Society, set a few years after Mona Lisa Smile in the final days of the Eisenhower era, has an anarchic teacher at a smart New England prep school shake up his class through his imaginative approach to English literature. In the dormitory, one girl playfully tries to kiss another. Because it greatly affects the world we live in. Maggie Gyllenhaal is delightful as Giselle, in theory The Slut but in practice the most engaging character this film has to offer. Mona Lisa Smile Cast To make a point about the difficulty of defining the boundaries of art, junior Wellesley art-history professor Julia Roberts shows her students a slide show of advertisements aimed at women. Even today, they still fight to gain respect in many areas in the world today. Content to let types take the place of characters, Mona Lisa Smile seldom goes beyond the familiar images of the time.
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Film Review: Mona Lisa Smile