Can child labour be justified

This law does not exclude children that work for their families.

why is child labour bad

Child labour in the fashion supply chain - where, why and what can business do? Justification 1. One may argue that a formal ban on child labour will be the requisite trigger to reform labour conditions in low-income countries, or at least improve the living situation of former child labourers.

A more sensible policy would be to apply some basic rules of humane working conditions in conjunction with a targeted, evolving approach that duly considers the actual outcomes of implemented measures.

Whether you are a business or a consumer the choices you make effect child labour. A food-for-education scheme, for example, would encourage families to let their children spend more time at school, while providing the food that might otherwise have to be paid for by "harmful" child labour.

This public health issue cannot be eliminated by only enforcement of child labor laws and regulations. All this does is place a false glaze over the issue of child labour instead of uncovering it and exposing it for the vile practice that it is.

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It's official: child labour is a good thing